O N    D E M A N D

Recorded on Tuesday 3rd May 2022

  Build a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator in 30 mins for free with Squirrel365


   Whether you are in marketing, sales or pre-sales, you need to articulate the value of your product or service to your prospective customers in a way which sparks their interest and gets you closer to closing the deal. The normal "spreadsheet" approach often produces uninspiring, complex, hard-to-share content which fall far short of the mark.

Squirrel365 changes all of that, allowing you to create an interactive web-based, shareable ROI calculator in next to no time.

This webinar recording shows how it is done (from zero to finished in less than 30 minutes) and looks at how organizations are using Squirrel value calculators to drive their business forward.  


 “Our first project was to deliver an emergency COVID-19 application. Squirrel helped us deliver that in a record time of just 3 weeks.”

David Behr, USPI


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