Build nocode apps with Squirrel365 and Ninox 

Squirrel365's new Ninox integration enables you to create amazing applications driven directly from your Ninox databases with clicks not code!

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From ordinary to extraordinary in 3 easy steps

It doesn’t get much easier than this…


Connect to your Ninox database to provide the data foundation for your app.


Add visual UI components that can update your Ninox tables directly. Create interactive data visualizations, actionable dashboards, what-if modelling and more. 


Use a Web link to share your creation with colleagues or embed directly within your website. You can even add your apps into PowerPoint.

The perfect companion for Ninox users

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Our Ninox integration is currently in Early Access release. Please complete the form to request access and we will get things sorted for you. 

Please note in order to receive early access you must provide a valid company email address. 

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 “Our first project was to deliver an emergency COVID-19 application. Squirrel helped us deliver that in a record time of just 3 weeks.”

David Behr, USPI


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